Whether you’re a patient or health care professional, Cannatrek helps you easily access plant based treatment and medication on your journey to better health outcomes.

Cannatrek makes it all possible via one platform - from checking your eligibility for plant based medicine and undertaking a telehealth appointment, through to filling your script online and tracking your progress with your personal monitoring app. Access has never been easier and more affordable!

Our mission is simply to provide affordable care.

Learn more about plant based therapies

Plants have a long history of medicinal use. Learn about the origins of plant based therapies, the different types, and how it works as a treatment for pain.



How to access plant based medicine

Find out about the process for accessing plant based medicine, the eligibility criteria and how to apply for a prescription.


How to prescribe plant based medicine

Becoming a prescriber of plant based medicine can expand your practice and provide an additional service for the community. Find out how.



How much does it cost?

Most plant based medicines are not registered on the Australian Register for Therapeutic Goods, so they do not receive a subsidy. Find out more on what you can expect to pay.