We are a licenced grower and supplier of medicinal cannabis products


Shaping the future

From its legalisation in 2016 when plant-based healthcare was an aspiration, to today where it’s a blossoming reality, we’ve been leading change. We are inspired by plant-based medicines every day.

We are committed to transforming the Australian plant-based medicine landscape and building a brighter future for the entire industry – from seed to patient.



More than healthcare

We believe in supplying quality-compliant plant-based medicines.

For us, it’s about more than just healthcare. It’s about illuminating and elevating the entire industry.

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By commercialising and industrialising plant-based medicine, we can ensure it is accessible and affordable for eligible patients.


We work with Australia’s federal and state governments to grow the industry’s legitimacy. We educate and tech up the entire supply chain, from seed to patient.


At the heart of our mission are the individuals who inspire us – our team of 100+ professionals, all dedicated to driving change and growing the future of healthcare.


Expertise, innovation and quality

Industry-leading expertise
We harness world-leading IP, cutting-edge technology and data-driven insights to deliver effective healthcare solutions for Australian patients.

We combine sustainable practices, innovative propagation techniques and genomics to cultivate next-generation strains that thrive in the Australian climate.

Superior quality at scale
We deliver unparalleled products to our patients. From cultivation to shipping, we bring precision, consistency and care to each part of the process. 

Grow with us in Japan
and beyond 2024

Cannatrek is excited to announce its pioneering partnership with Mie University in Tsu, Japan, a landmark collaboration in the field of medical cannabis research and the first of its kind between Australia and Japan.

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We grow people too.
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Stay informed

We believe everyone has the right to quality healthcare, regardless of circumstances.
We’re committed to making plant-based
medicines affordable and accessible for all.