Cannatrek is a digital healthcare ecosystem supporting patient access of medicinal cannabis products and services throughout Australia and the world.

Our ‘seed to patient’ platform allows us to maintain high standards of quality and affordability. We aim to improve the accessibility of medicinal cannabis through advocacy, real world data research and better education for patients and doctors.

Our mission is simply to provide affordable care.

Learn more about Medicinal Cannabis.

Cannabis has a long history of medicinal use. Learn about its origins and legal journey, the different types of cannabis, and how it works.



How to Access Medicinal Cannabis.

Find out about the process for obtaining medicinal cannabis and the eligibility criteria that forms part of the application for a prescription.



How to Prescribe Medicinal Cannabis

Becoming a prescriber of medicinal cannabis can expand your practice and provide an additional service. Find out how.



How Much Does Medicinal Cannabis Cost?

Medicinal Cannabis is not registered on the ARTG, so does not receive subsidies. Find out what you can expect to pay.