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    Over the past few years there has been increased interest from Australians in the use…

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    Medicinal cannabis is changing the lives of many across the world, however…

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  • CannaReviews Medical Cannabis Products

    Search by brand, product name, type, cannabinoids, terpenes etc.

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  • Connect with independent healthcare practitioners connect you to a diverse team of doctors, all from the comfort of your own home.

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  • What is medicinal cannabis and why is it important?

    Discover the fundamentals of medicinal cannabis and cannabinoid therapeutics…

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Patients need affordable care. They also need clear information to enable them to make informed decisions about their health. Dive in to discover the latest research and evidence-based resources on medicinal cannabis.

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Access a network of carefully selected independent Australian healthcare practitioners who specialise in medicinal cannabis.

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Is medicinal cannabis right for my condition?

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Find out how the TGA provides safe and legal access to medicinal cannabis products in appropriate circumstances.

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With Us

We develop people like we do with our plants; with the utmost care and undivided attention, and nothing gives us more satisfaction than seeing them bloom. We are currently seeking to fill positions across eight industry sectors, from medical science to national security to customer support.

  • Head of IT

    Management (Information & Communication Technology)

  • Junior Product Owner

    Product Management & Development

  • Pharmacy and Medical Liaison

    Sales (Healthcare & Medical)

  • Group Supply

    Sales (Healthcare & Medical)

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