Australian Medicinal Cannabis Industry Report

The Australian medicinal cannabis industry was founded in 2016 after amendments to Commonwealth legislation, and has since attracted significant attention from agricultural producers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and patients.

MTPConnect summary

As the industry is still in its developmental stage, numerous agricultural producers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical practitioners, researchers, and industry representative bodies are eager to comprehend how the industry may evolve and the ideal direction it should take as it matures.

MTPConnect commissioned this report to establish an evidence base that presents the current size of Australia’s medicinal cannabis industry, as well as future projections for the sector. The report is intended to serve as a valuable resource for informing policymakers, industry, and consumers.

The report was created in collaboration with Deloitte Access Economics and involved consultations with key stakeholders, including Medicinal Cannabis Industry Australia (MCIA), various medicinal cannabis cultivators and manufacturers, research institutions, patient advocates, medical practitioners, and pharmacists.

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