Cultivating quality and sustainability

At Cannatrek we have a deep respect for plant-based medicine. We are dedicated to developing plant-based treatments for eligible patients.

We continually refine our cultivation practices to ensure sustainable operations alongside quality-compliant products.

Using a combination of hydroponic and organic living soil practices, we are working to evolve our cultivation techniques to grow clean, consistently reliable products.

We strive to cultivate next-generation plants tailored to thrive in the Australian climate. 

Our team continuously grows and tests new genetics, tirelessly searching for elite phenotypes.

We nurture a community of growers at our facilities and at our contracted cultivation sites, collaborating, coaching and sharing resources to help everyone cultivate plant-based medicines successfully and sustainably.


Intriguing diversity

Phenotypes are the plant’s unique traits influenced by genetics and environment.

Just as children inherit traits from their parents, like eye colour, hair colour and height, plants inherit specific traits from parent plants.

Every seed expresses different traits, such as plant height, leaf shape, flower colour and aroma.

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We believe everyone has the right to quality healthcare, regardless of circumstances. We’re committed to making plant-based
medicines affordable and accessible for all.