Strategic Partnership for Medical Cannabis Research

Cannatrek is excited to announce its pioneering partnership with Mie University in Tsu, Japan, a landmark collaboration in the field of medical cannabis research and the first of its kind between Australia and Japan.

This strategic partnership is dedicated to propelling the development and exploration of medical cannabis, with a strong focus on joint agronomic and medical research. Emerging in the context of Japan’s evolving policies towards medical cannabis, this collaboration aligns perfectly with Cannatrek’s vision of leading in research and innovation. More than just a scientific venture, this partnership symbolises a fusion of Australian and Japanese expertise, poised to bring forth significant advancements in medical treatments and patient care.


Cannatrek’s Role and Expertise in the Global Market

Since the legalisation of medical cannabis in Australia in 2016, Cannatrek has been at the forefront of the industry, and we are now extending this leadership through our partnership with Mie University. Our journey mirrors the nascent path of Japan’s medical cannabis sector, enabling us to provide critical insights and foundational strategies.

A key aspect of our collaboration involves establishing a medicinal cannabis breeding lab at Mie University, aiming to develop a groundbreaking genetic library for medicinal cannabis. Leveraging our expertise in supply chain management, we are set to outline the most effective route for medicinal cannabis products in Japan, ensuring a seamless process from healthcare providers to patients. This partnership underscores Cannatrek’s dedication to advancing medical cannabis research and therapy on a global scale.

Mie University Overview


Mie University (三重大学; Mie Daigaku, abbreviated to 三重大 Miedai) is a national university in Tsu, Mie Prefecture, Japan. The campus is situated in the north-east of the city, close to the coast of Ise Bay.


Mie University was founded on 31 May 1949 with two faculties: Liberal Arts and Agriculture.


In 2017, Mie University established the world’s first research centre about the ninja. A graduate master course opened in 2018. The first graduate of the ninja studies master course was Genichi Mitsuhashi (45 years old) in 2020.

Economic and Healthcare Implications

The collaboration between Cannatrek and Mie University is set to have significant economic and healthcare ramifications. As Japan stands as Australia’s second-largest export market and one of the largest pharmaceutical markets globally, this partnership strategically positions Cannatrek to spearhead future trade initiatives.

Our Shepparton facility, recently accredited with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), bolsters our capacity to supply premium medical cannabis products both locally and internationally. This strategic partnership is anticipated to play a pivotal role in the growth of Japan’s medical cannabis industry, which is expected to secure a considerable market share in the foreseeable future. By being integrally involved in the early stages of Japan’s medical cannabis sector, Cannatrek is well-placed to capitalise on emerging opportunities, reinforcing our status as a global leader in plant-based medicine.

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