Cannatrek is committed to making access to medicinal cannabis more affordable for patients and offer 50% off the price of new patients’ first scripts through our efficacy trial.

General consultation costs

The price of consultations and other services will vary between different doctors and clinics.

A first consult to assess suitability for medicinal cannabis can take up to an hour, so a doctor may charge anywhere between $150 to $400 for this initial appointment. Medicare rebates are available for in-person consults, which can lower the cost of a first consult by $71. Regional patients who cannot access a doctor in-person can get a Medicare rebate for their consults.

Script renewal and review consults typically cost between $40 to $80 and may be eligible for a Medicare rebate of around $37. Approval renewals cost around $150, and can receive a rebate of approximately $71.

General product costs

The cost of medicinal cannabis will depend on the price of the product prescribed and the dosage.

For example, a week’s worth of medicinal cannabis for a chronic pain patient would come to around $33.

For this patient, that figure comes from being prescribed a CBD oil product to manage their chronic pain. The oil comes in a 40ml bottle with 25mg/ml of active ingredient and their dosage of active ingredient per day is 20mg (0.8ml), with a bottle costing around $222.

For six months of treatment they will need 3600mg of active ingredient over that time, which equates to 3.6 bottles and around $800.

As a TGA unapproved medication, medicinal cannabis does not get the same kind of support that other medicines often do

Cannatrek affordability initiatives

Cannatrek has a number of initiatives with doctors and pharmacists to provide lower-cost medication for patients.

Efficacy trial

Cannatrek offers new patients up to 50% off their first script when they take part in our Cannatrek PLUS efficacy trial.

To get the most from your medicinal cannabis, it’s important to fully titrate it according to the schedule your doctor has developed for you. However, feedback from doctors indicates some patients are reluctant to fully titrate their medication due to “more volume equalling greater cost”. Consequently, these patients do not receive the maximum benefit from their medication and in many cases stop taking it, thus ceasing their medicinal cannabis trial.

In response, we developed the efficacy trial which offers new patients 50% off their first script for Cannatrek oils or capsules; or 25% off their Xativa S4 CBD Wafer. The efficacy trial can assist new patients in titrating to their optimal dose and thus receiving the full benefit of their medication.

Concession 10

Concession 10 is our ecommerce affordability programme that will aid those patients who are most in need.

Eligible patients will receive 10% off the price of their medication when purchasing through the currently in-development Cannatrek ecommerce portal.

Tell your doctor of any concessions you may have access to during your initial consultation, such as one of the following:

  • Commonwealth Seniors Health Card
  • Ex-Carer Allowance (Child) Health Care Card
  • Foster Child Health Care Card
  • Health Care Card
  • Low Income Health Care Card – Pensioner Concession Card
  • DVA Health Card; or
  • Disability Support Pension.

If you’re interested in booking a telehealth consult, sign up for Cannatrek Access here.