Your medicinal cannabis journey

Your medicinal cannabis journey starts here

Cannatrek is an independent grower and distributor of medicinal cannabis products based in Australia. Our team is dedicated to helping patients through the process of accessing medicinal cannabis and receiving treatment for their condition.
If your current treatment strategy is not working for you or there are unmanageable side effects, medicinal cannabis may help. With a range of products on offer, Cannatrek may be able to help you unlock an alternative, or complimentary treatment.
All the tools you need for your 
Medicinal Cannabis journey.

Eligibility & Access

Whilst is has been made legal to prescribe cannabis in Australia, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has a set of criteria that patients must meet in order to be approved for treatment with medicinal cannabis. A doctor must apply on their patient’s behalf through the Special Access Scheme (SAS-B) and provide medical justification for doing so.

 Read more about eligibility and how to access medicinal cannabis here.


Getting Your First Script

The first step in your medicinal cannabis journey is speaking to your doctor. However, as a relatively new treatment, not all doctors are comfortable prescribing medicinal cannabis without further information.

Read our advice on how to speak to your doctor, how they can get more information, and what to do if your doctor is unwilling to participate.


Managing Medicinal Cannabis.

As with any other medication, the medicinal cannabis journey is not always smooth, and it can take some careful management to get the ideal outcome. We have outlined some of the common issues experienced by patients when beginning treatment and how to address them for improved results.

Read more about managing your medicinal cannabis experience.



The Australian Government does not subsidise the cost of medicinal cannabis products through the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) and the cost of treatment can vary depending on the condition, product prescribed and clinic appointment costs. However, we have provided some indicative costs and details of the various initiatives Cannatrek has implemented to make medicinal cannabis more affordable for patients.

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