AIMC Education

AIMC Education

The Australian Institute for Medical Cannabis (AIMC) is a research and education foundation, dedicated to promoting and supporting the medicinal cannabis industry.

Cannatrek founded the AIMC in order to connect industry researchers, educate doctors, promote research findings, and improve health outcomes for patients.

Medicinal cannabis is still a young industry in Australia. For the industry to mature and grow, it’s crucial that researchers, doctors, pharmacists, and suppliers connect, work together, and keep informed of each other’s work. The AIMC aims to achieve this by coordinating strategic partnerships, supporting doctor education, as well as commercialising ground-breaking research in the Australian medicinal cannabis space.

Medicinal cannabis research

The amendments to the Narcotic Drugs Act in 2016 allowed cannabis to be grown in Australia for scientific and medical purposes.

Since then, there has been continuously growing interest and research taking place in the country. Promoting research and making sure it gets wide exposure is also an important part of the AIMC’s work. New research is published periodically, so it’s important the findings of the best trials and studies are shared widely with the industry.

Increasing education

The AIMC supports the education of doctors on the potential benefits of medicinal cannabis, the indications it’s commonly prescribed for, as well as sharing and discussing research on new conditions and symptoms it may be effective at treating.

Doctors and researchers can access RACGP approved courses, webinars, and research papers through the AIMC.

Improving patient health outcomes

The AIMC is dedicated to improving industry service for the patient.

This is primarily achieved through our doctor education and research support efforts. More research provides better understanding of products and effective dosing, which will increase doctor buy-in to the value of medicinal cannabis. As the evidence base for medicinal cannabis grows, more doctors who prescribe it will be available for patients to see.

Improving industry service also involves streamlining patient access to medicinal cannabis products, increasing the diversity of products, and working collaboratively with other stakeholders to improve patient outcomes.

aimc symposium


The AIMC hosts regular events, bringing stakeholders in the industry together to share their knowledge and forge connections with others.

The AIMC held the Australian Symposium of Medicinal Cannabis Research in July 2020. The symposium was a free online event for medicinal cannabis doctors, educators, specialists and researchers, as well as interested members of the public.

The speakers included, among others, Prof. David Castle from St Vincent’s Health, Prof. Jerome Sarris from Western Sydney University, A/Prof. Daryl Efron from Royal Children’s Hospital, Dr. Tamara Nation from NIIM, and Dr. John Teh from PlantMed. A variety of topics were covered, including palliative care, mental health, dosing and product types, endometriosis, chemo-induced nausea and vomiting, and more. Materials from the event can be found on the AIMC’s website.

To learn more about the AIMC, visit the website.