Humans have used plant-based medicine for millennia

Recorded use of plant-based medicine dates back to 500 BC. Ancient cultures, including China, Greece, Italy and India, all show evidence of using plant-based medicine.

Despite the historic use of plant-based medicine, political pressures and social stigma cast a prohibitive shadow over certain plants, catalysing strict laws that classified them as illegal drugs. This global shift sidelined research on plant-based medicine for most of the century.

Now the tide is turning. Medical research into plant-based medicine is being conducted, legal barriers are easing, and countries are once again recognising plant-based medicine at a societal level. This evolution paves the way for plant-based medicine to reclaim its role in healthcare.

At Cannatrek, we are committed to playing our part in transforming the plant-based medicine landscape and building a brighter future – from seed to patient.

Science within plants

Plant-based medicine contains a diverse array of plant compounds, which may include cannabinoids, terpenoids and flavonoids. Such compounds may interact with a person’s unique endocannabinoid system.

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