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Connect with independent healthcare practitioners

Focusing on medicinal cannabis, Access connects you to physicians who provide various alternative treatments in cases where traditional approaches have been unsuccessful.


Screening and Consults

Is medicinal cannabis suitable for my condition? Begin with three straightforward questions at Access. They’ll then link you with an independent healthcare professional who will assess if medicinal cannabis is appropriate for your situation.


Independent healthcare professionals: Access directs you to a meticulously chosen network of independent Australian healthcare experts who specialise in medicinal cannabis and are committed to offering the most suitable treatment options for your needs.



Patients need affordable care. They also need clear information to enable them to make informed decisions about their health. Dive in to discover the latest research and evidence-based resources on medicinal cannabis.

Book a consult

Access a network of carefully selected independent Australian healthcare practitioners who specialise in medicinal cannabis.

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Check your eligibility

Is medicinal cannabis right for my condition?

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Find out how the TGA provides safe and legal access to medicinal cannabis products in appropriate circumstances.

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