Cannatrek to export medicinal cannabis to Germany-based Nimbus Health, becoming a key supplier to Europe’s biggest market

Cannatrek will supply an initial 200 kgs of dried cannabis flowers to Nimbus Health.

With the potential to increase to larger commercial quantities, as distribution channels are established across Germany and other European regions.

Nimbus Health is a global pharmaceutical company that imports and distributes medicinal cannabis. It holds a German GDP and GMP licence which permits the trade and importation of narcotic drugs, ensuring that seriously ill patients are supplied with appropriate drugs in a continuous manner.

Prohibition Partners predicts the German medical cannabis market will be worth €7.7 billion (AU$12.5) billion by 2028.

The first batch of Cannatrek’s dried flowers is planned for export shipment in the first half of 2021 from Cannatrek’s Australian growing facility. Nimbus Health will use Cannatrek’s flowers in a range of medicines for illnesses like pain, anxiety, sleep disorders and depression.

The delivery represents a significant commercial export of Cannatrek’s current annual production and will provide the German market with a quality sun-grown Australian product. Nimbus Health has experience in importing medicinal cannabis and will assist Cannatrek make its entry into Continental Europe.

Tommy Huppert, Cannatrek’s CEO, said supplying medicinal cannabis to Nimbus Health represents a significant step in Cannatrek’s growth plans. “We are thrilled to be supplying such an important German partner, which gives us a toehold in the large European market. Cannatrek’s brand will arrive in Europe early next year.”

Mr Huppert said German patients would be the ultimate beneficiaries of Australia’s hot, sunny and natural climate. “Australia is a great place to grow medicinal cannabis because of its ample, hot sun that produces excellent terpene profiles and quality products. Medicinal cannabis grown in the sun is generally considered a superior quality than medicinal cannabis grown under artificial lights. Cannatrek is able to produce low-cost, clean and potent medicinal cannabis which we believe will be in demand from importers worldwide in the months and years ahead.”

Mr Linus Weber, Nimbus Health CEO, said, “We are very happy that we are able to provide a large number of companies an easy access to the German Medicinal Market given our expertise in the regulatory field. Our partner Cannatrek will, with its Australian Dried Flower Products with unique terpene profiles, bring additional value to patients in Germany and increase their well-being.”

The German products will be delivered via vaporisation inhaler, which Mr Huppert believes represent a unique delivery system. “Vaporisers heat the flowers, and the inhaled vapour creates an instant therapeutic effect for managing the relief of breakthrough pain and other medical symptoms,” he said.

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