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  • Legalising cannabis could earn Australia $28 billion

    The Australian government could earn upwards of $30 billion over a decade…

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  • Medicinal Cannabis and Australian drug driving laws

    Lawyer Mat Henderson shares his reflections on possible ways around the drug driving…

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  • Campaign to get medicinal cannabis listed on PBS

    Legalise Cannabis WA MP Dr Brian Walker has launched a campaign to persuade…

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  • Fresh calls to change laws

    A doctor has warned a state’s current laws are forcing chronically ill people to take addictive prescription medications.

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  • Victorian Government’s investment

    Our new multi-million-dollar medicinal cannabis outdoor growth facility in Greater Shepparton.

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Policymakers play a critical role in regulating access to medicinal cannabis. We offer evidence-based research and expert insights to inform policy decisions and support safe and effective use of medicinal cannabis.

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We develop people like we do with our plants; with the utmost care and undivided attention, and nothing gives us more satisfaction than seeing them bloom. We are currently seeking to fill positions across eight industry sectors, from medical science to national security to customer support.

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    Management (Information & Communication Technology)

  • Junior Product Owner

    Product Management & Development

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    Sales (Healthcare & Medical)

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