CBD Oil Adelaide

CBD Oil Adelaide

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural remedy for treating many common ailments. CBD oil extracted from the cannabis plant has transformed the health and wellness world, and Cannatrek leads the way with safe and effective CBD oil for Adelaide customers.

What is CBD oil?

CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant, then mixed with a carrier oil to create CBD oil medical cannabis products. CBD doesn’t cause the ‘high’ associated with THC marijuana products. CBD offers health benefits for many illnesses and ailments and its use is supported by the Therapeutic Goods Administration. Medical marijuana CBD oil products include:

CBD isolate: CBD in a pure form that doesn’t contain other cannabis compounds. The leaves, flowers and stalk of the hemp plant are used to make CBD oil.

Full-spectrum CBD: Made from cannabis plant extracts that include essential oils and scented compounds. May contain up to 3% THC.

Broad-spectrum CBD: Containing several cannabinoids and compounds, typically without any THC.

Legal CBD in South Australia

Medical cannabis, including CBD oil, is available with a doctor’s prescription in South Australia and other Australian states and territories. However, some doctors are slow on the uptake in understanding the efficacy of medical marijuana products. If your regular doctor is unwilling to prescribe CBD oil, contact Cannatrek and we will put you in touch with a more progressive medical practitioner who can assist.

It’s worth understanding the difference between legal and illegal cannabis products. Cannatrek hemp oil products abide by strict quality standards overseen by regulatory authorities. The result is consistently high-quality cannabis medicine that Australians trust.

The benefits of CBD oil medical cannabis products

CBD oil products undergo stringent testing before being deemed safe to use. Here are just a few Cannatrek CBD oil health benefits supported by scientific evidence.

  1. 1. Pain Relief – Studies show that CBD can reduce chronic pain. CBD impacts endocannabinoid receptor activity for reducing inflammation and pain signals.
  2. 2. Reduce anxiety and depression – CBD oil for Adelaide patients is the natural alternative to addictive medicines. CBD acts on the brain’s receptors to help improve and regulate mood and behaviour.
  3. 3. Alleviate symptoms of cancer – CBD oil is well known for helping reduce cancer symptoms and side effects from cancer treatment, such as nausea, vomiting and pain.
  4. 4. May have neuroprotective properties – Research shows the ability of CBD to act on brain signaling systems, and could provide benefits for people with neurological disorders.
  5. 5. May reduce acne – With almost 10% of the Australian population suffering acne at some point, CBD oil is a game changer. CBD contains anti-inflammatory properties.
  6. 6. Heart health – Recent research has linked CBD with potential heart and circulatory system benefits, specifically the ability to lower high blood pressure.

Preliminary studies show positive CBD oil benefits for people suffering from multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, epilepsy, and many more medical conditions.

Side effects of cannabidiol CBD oil products

CBD is well tolerated and considered safe to use, although it can cause some adverse reactions. These include diarrhoea, fatigue, weight change, and appetite change. CBD is known to react with some medications. This is particularly important for medicines or supplements that have a ‘grapefruit warning’, as both grapefruit and CBD are known to interfere with certain enzymes in the body.

If you are uncertain about your medical status in relation to taking CBD oil or other medical marijuana products, speak to your medical practitioner.

How do you access CBD oil in Adelaide?

CBD oil is accessed by patients, doctors, and pharmacists in Adelaide. Cannatrek works closely with the Australian Government, South Australian cannabis doctors, and authorised prescribers. The Special Access Scheme allows health practitioners to access medicines such as CBD oil that are not listed in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods. Cannatrek can refer you to a cannabis clinic for evaluation of your suitability for using CBD oil.

How much medicinal cannabis CBD Oil should you take?

It has been found that different people respond to different CBD dosages. CBD oil studies use dosages between 20 – 1,500 milligrams per day. The amount of CBD oil you take will depend on factors that include:

  • The medical condition being treated
  • Your body weight
  • Your individual body chemistry
  • The concentration of CBD in the pill, drop, capsule, or gummy

Make sure you talk to your doctor about the appropriate dosage before commencing CBD oil treatment or using other medicinal cannabis products.

Conditions CBD Oil is approved for

The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration provides information and guidance for medicinal cannabis preparations including CBD oil for treating 5 primary conditions.

  1. Paediatric and young adult epilepsy
  2. Multiple Sclerosis
  3. Nausea and vomiting experienced during chemotherapy
  4. Chronic pain
  5. Palliative care

Clinical trials with the TGA have led to the approval of CBD oil for more than 50 medical conditions. However, cannabis oil products aren’t suitable for everyone and your eligibility must be assessed by a qualified medical practitioner.

Applying for approval in South Australia

Cannatrek provides a comprehensive service for patients, doctors, and pharmacists in South Australia, Victoria, NSW, and other Australian regions. We are an independent grower and distributor of plant-based therapeutic products.

Patients – If your current medicine is unsuitable or not effective, it may be worth trying an alternative. Contact a Cannatrek consultant who will help you with:

  • Eligibility and access
  • Getting your first script
  • Managing your treatment
  • Costs

Doctors – Medical cannabis is proving effective for patients who can’t be adequately treated with traditional medicines. Cannatrek is qualified and authorised to inform doctors about:

  • Treatable conditions
  • Evaluating and prescribing plant based medicine
  • Special Access Scheme
  • Products and titration
  • Becoming a Cannatrek partner

Pharmacists – Most pharmacies in Australia are authorised to dispense CBD oil products. As most medical cannabis products are not currently listed on the ARTG, doctors have to receive approval from the TGA to prescribe them.

Cannatrek has simplified the process. If you are a pharmacist and a patient hands you a script for CBD oil, simply head to the Cannatrek portal where you will find product information and the tools for managing orders.

Where can I find a list of doctors who prescribe CBD oil?

If your current doctor is unwilling to prescribe CBD oil, contact Cannatrek. We can inform you of our medical practitioner partners in your local area.

How long does it take for my medicinal cannabis to arrive?

Cannatrek dispatches same-day for orders taken before midday. With proper approvals and documentation in place, the entire process including delivery to your door can be completed within 72 hours.

Where can I buy CBD oil in Adelaide?

Cannatrek is your one-stop-shop for all medicinal marijuana products in Australia. We are dedicated to providing a simplified, streamlined service for patients, doctors, and pharmacists. If you want to avoid the obstacles in accessing medical cannabis, contact Cannatrek regarding your needs, and we will get started immediately on your application.