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The ins and outs of medicinal cannabis in Australia right now

The use of medicinal cannabis has the potential to transform the lives of many individuals globally, but in Australia, the system governing its usage is relatively intricate.


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In 2016, the federal government of Australia legalised medicinal cannabis for specific medical conditions, disorders, and illnesses. However, there remains an ongoing struggle to expand the list to include more patients.


Currently, healthcare professionals can prescribe medicinal cannabis to treat conditions such as chronic non-cancer pain, anxiety, cancer-related symptoms, epilepsy, and other neurological disorders. Over 100 different cannabis products are available for prescription in Australia, with many being in the form of oils or capsules containing the drug, according to NPS.


To be permitted to sell medicinal cannabis in Australia, suppliers must first obtain approval from the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). Upon clearing this significant hurdle, the Commonwealth and state governments collaborate on the national licensing scheme to integrate the product into the system.


Cannatrek is one of the few companies

Cannatrek is among the limited number of companies granted permission to conduct research, cultivate, manufacture, and distribute medicinal cannabis to patients throughout the country. They take pride in their “seed to patient” approach, which enables them to maintain tight control over their product.


According to their website, Cannatrek is reshaping the medical cannabis industry in Australia by integrating research, cultivation, and green technology to become the most cost-effective cannabis producer in the country. Their goal is to offer affordable care, and their innovative seed to patient model allows them to achieve just that.


Additionally, Cannatrek has streamlined the entire medicinal cannabis process in Australia with its Cannatrek Access platform. This platform provides patients with education and awareness about plant-powered medicine and a clear pathway to connect with independent doctors who specialise in this field.




Patients need affordable care. They also need clear information to enable them to make informed decisions about their health. Dive in to discover the latest research and evidence-based resources on medicinal cannabis.

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