Cannahealth to provide Patient Access advisory across Australia

Cannahealth to provide Patient Access advisory across Australia

Cannahealth is a free medicinal cannabis advisory service founded by Cannatrek due to the large volume of enquiries from medical professionals and the general public, regarding medicinal cannabis in Australia. As information regarding patient access was scare and average doctor education about cannabis was low when medicinal cannabis was first introduced in Australia, Cannahealth was founded with the intention to empower patients with current and peer-reviewed information to share with their physician and help navigate the challenging Special Access Scheme administered by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Hosting and participating in multiple patient-focused events such as Q&A’s, Documentary screenings and online symposiums, Cannahealth is raising the profile of medicinal cannabis in Australia and helping to neutralize entrenched community stigma and pervasive misinformation that surrounds medical cannabis. Cannahealth is present and sponsors speakers at many exhibitions and large public events to advocate for and improve patient access across Australia, establishing the superiority of controlled medicinal cannabis over black market cannabis products and empowering the public with current information to identify predatory operators and clinics

Cannahealth also provides patients with a free “find a doctor” service by which patients can find a medicinal cannabis specialist in their area to provide them informed medical advice and treatment options. Australia is a vast continent and some areas are quite remote, where the nearest medical professional is a long drive away and the nearest medicinal cannabis specialist is not available, Cannahealth assists patients by connecting them with Telehealth clinics that can provide them with medical advice and services using the internet. Using this service Cannahealth ensures medicinal cannabis can be accessed by patients across 87% of continental Australia.

Doctor education and training is also a key aspect of Cannahealth’s services, providing information about the legislative framework surrounding medicinal cannabis in Australia as well as facilitating RACPG certified courses to increase the knowledge base of physicians to increase the level of care their patients receive.

Currently, all medicinal cannabis approvals in Australia are administered through the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

As the application process for medicinal cannabis was initially quite convoluted and remains a barrier for patient access, Cannhealth provides ongoing support to health professionals to help them navigate the application process. Through these education and information campaigns, Cannahealth has nurtured a large network of health professionals including doctors, pharmacists and allied professions pooling their collective knowledge and sharing cutting edge techniques and medical advice between themselves. By improving public perception of cannabis medicine, empowering patients with information and helping health professionals upskill through free education, Cannahealth hopes to reduce legislative and community level barriers for patient access to medicinal cannabis and ensure interested health professionals have access to the most current and practical information.

For more information, please visit our website or contact our Cannahealth Help Desk on 1300 122 662.