About Us


Our History

For thousands of years the cannabis plant has been used to treat a variety of medical indications. It was only in the last few years that research, production and lawful supply became possible. Even prior to the 2016 legislation being approved in record time, an emerging array of stakeholders began collectively networking to pioneer the fastest growing biotech industry in Australian history.

Cannatrek founder and health economist Tommy Huppert understood the tremendous value of medicinal cannabis as a major health disrupter and economic growth industry – especially on people who were not seeing results from traditional medicine.

In 2015 Cannatrek was founded and by 2017, it had been awarded the second cannabis research licence, to begin its journey to provide a better quality of life to Australian patients.

Cannatrek Today

Today, Cannatrek is a leading Australian medicinal cannabis company specialising in cultivation, manufacturing, and digital healthcare distribution across the country.

We have a full suite of medicinal cannabis licenses which provide us with complete control of the entire product lifecycle, from growth and processing through to distribution and sales.

Featuring a digital healthcare platform that connects doctors, patients, and pharmacists with our products, Cannatrek streamlines the entire medicinal cannabis process for all.

From Seed to Patient

“From seed to patient” is a vertical integration approach developed uniquely by Cannatrek.

Cannatrek is involved in the entire supply chain end-to-end, which means we have:

  • Superior quality control;
  • Predictive inventory;
  • Greater market insight into demand;
  • Greater insight into new product development;
  • Lower production and distribution costs; and
  • A stable enterprise that doesn’t rely on partners for market success.

We may be the only Australian medicinal cannabis company today, to be completely self-sufficient, which provides a range of benefits we pass on to our customers every day.

cannabis oils

Our Mission

We are redefining the medical cannabis industry in Australia. By connecting research, cultivation and green technology, we are aiming to be the lowest cost cannabis producer in Australia. Our mission is simply to provide affordable care, and thanks to our innovative seed to patient model, we are doing just that.

Our People

Our fully operational Queensland facility represents the perfect scale to manage our prototype “seed to patient” business model, through to commercialisation. Our team of field experts drive our success as we develop as both a pharmaceutical and agtech company.

Our Vision

We see an urgent, unmet national and global need for medicinal cannabis production that requires an economies of scale solution – and that’s why Cannatrek has invested in a scaled development in Shepparton Victoria.

The showcase greenfield project is “shovel ready” and backed by Australian local, state and federal government with Major Project Status that will create jobs and hundreds of employment opportunities.


What drives us? Our Values

We strive to consistently provide authentic information, education, and data so doctors can make informed decisions about medicinal cannabis as a treatment for their patients. We take a patient centric approach, and aim to provide simple access and affordable medicine.

Our seed to patient model ensures we have complete control over our supply chain and therefore, our sustainability.


We are proud Australians looking to help our country’s citizens by providing employment and affordable treatments.


Medicinal cannabis should be accessible to all of those who need it. We have established a Compassionate Access Program to help cover cannabis costs for individuals who might be struggling to afford it.


We’re constantly striving for new breakthroughs with medicinal cannabis – that’s why we started AIMC (Australian Institute for Medical Cannabis), our professional research and development arm.


We care for our team like we care for our plants – the culture we provide at Cannatrek helps produce great results.

Our mission is simply to provide affordable care.

What have we been working on? Our Projects

Our main projects focus on developing agricultural excellence where the plants are front and centre. We are streamlining our seed line process to help us continue to develop further plant varieties targeting new medical breakthroughs with this wonderful natural resource.

In addition, we are rolling out a digital healthcare platform for patients and healthcare professionals to serve the rapidly growing Australian medicinal cannabis market. This digital healthcare platform will help complete the distribution and sales channels, providing access for up to 1 million customers, 35,000 doctors, and over 4,000 pharmacies.

We are continuously evolving and streamlining the patient journey, deploying  an e-commerce platform, telehealth and compassionate access support services that are now all being offered to make the entire doctor/patient journey a complete experience.

Technology used at Cannatrek

We work with the state of the art greenhouse technology to study and grow our plants. Everything in the greenhouse is automated to ensure the plants are grown in optimal conditions.

Our farm is completely pesticide-free. Our integrated pest management strategy brings in good bugs – like ladybugs – to prevent damage by harmful insects.

Our technology is rapidly evolving as well. We are currently working with global researchers to create a stabilised seed, which will give us more control over the final crop yield.

seed stock

Seed Bank and Medicinal Cannabis Strains

By establishing relationships with a number of quality offshore producers, we are able to offer the highest quality of cannabis varieties. Working with leading established seed banks, we are building a genetic stock foundation filled with robust and rare genotypes.

Because each plant has a different compound that affects different medical conditions, it’s important that we have a variety of plants. We currently have eight different strains and are working to develop new strains with cross-breeding.